What is XUsYou Grid

You may have heard of SecondLife - a virtual 3d Avatar Chat world where you own land, build houses and do what 1st Life (Real) people do - SecondLife has been going for 10 plus years and it costs real money to use it - plus it is censored and you must provide certain personal information to create a Avatar (yourself in SecondLife).

About 8 years ago the source code for the SecondLife system was "somehow" leaked onto the internet and a band of people (Alec included) worked to get a system running on a smaller server so anyone could make their own Grid for others to enjoy for Free! The server software is called OpenSimulator.

XUsYou Grid uses the very latest version of the OpenSimulator server software, which is housed on our own dedicated Linux Server in Manchester and as its owned and run by XUsYou its 100% Uncensored and 100% Free - and always will be.

How to access XUsYou Grid - the quick way ....

Step 1 - Create and account

It is very easy to join up to XUsYou Grid - (Your XUsYou Username and password WILL NOT give you access to the GRID!!) - you need to create an account at xusyougrid - choose a Avatar Name (first plus second name), a password and an email address plus check what sort of Avatar you want (Male, Female or Neutral).

You will then be taken to a blank page - you have created an account on the grid .... however at the bottom of that page is a web address of http://xusyougrid.ddns.net:8002  - keep this address safe as you will need it for the next step. Thats the login url for the grid.

Step 2 - Install Viewer

You need a dedicated program to access the grid and we reccomend Firestorm - which runs on Windows, Linux and IOS  Operating systems - it will NOT work on Mobile Phones, Android Tablets etc - its a massive graphics program so needs a decent machine to run on. If you read the blurb on the Firestorm website it explains minimum requirements.

Head to the downloads page and choose the version of Firestorm for your Operating System which is for SecondLife and OpenSimlator - DO NOT get the SecondLife Only Version!!!!!!!!!!! We have not added a link to the versions as they get updated every few months with new enhancements.

Install the program and run it - then come back here to read the next part ....


When you first open Firestorm you will be greeted with a page that may look like this

You now need to add the details for XusYou Grid - you do this only once.

Top line of the screen goto Viewer then Preferences - tab down to OpenSim

In the box that says Add New Grid - input the url you saved when you signed up and press Apply - wait a few seconds and press the refresh button on the grid list below - scroll down and you should see the XUsYou Grid listed.

It should look something like above - if it doesnt work 1st time try it again, it will attempt to contact our server to retrieve the info it requires.

Before we close Preferences down - head for Graphics and make the following adjustments.

These will make your experience much better but you may have to modify to suit your system when you first login.

Save and Close down all Preferences

First Time Logging in

Daunting and you will think you look silly but we/you have the power to change you!!!!

First thing to do is change the GRID dropdown to read XUsYou Grid, then change mode the Hybrid.

Then add your name (first and last) plus password and select Home - click on remember username and password (you dont need the @xusyougrid in your username btw the system adds that later) - then hit Login .... let the magic start ......

You will then see a screen appear that looks similar to this

and if all goes to plan you will arrive in XUsYou Grid Welcome looking all weird in a red shirt and blue trousers - this is the default avatar but dont panic!!

In front of you will be various boxes plus a screen that says Join Group - click on that and join the group (most important) - the link will appear in local chat


The boxes contain the default avatars for the grid - just click on the boxex you require and a wheel will appear - click on Buy and the items will appear in your inventory (the File Cabinet icon to the left of the AO item).

Click on the Inventory Icon and tab to Recent Items - then (and this is the only hard bit!!) - DRAG THE BOX THAT YOU WANT TO THE FLOOR - use the mouse and actually drag it out - if you drag it onto yourself you have to unwear it. Once you have done it once it becomes second nature

Once the box is on the ground - click on it and select OPEN and once it has opened allow COPY all items to inventory.

Check back in Recents tab - you will find a folder of Male or Female default Avatar

Right click on the inventory folder and an option will appear to Replace Current Outfit - click on that and you will slowly change from a newbie to a person (maybe not how you want to look but its a start!!)

Next, its best to save yourself so you can always come back to your new look if you cock it up (and you will believe me!!) - Goto the Shirt Icon and click on Save As (give it a name you understand).

With all default avatars we have added HUD's (head up displays) - just close them for the time being.

Ok - to walk us the arrow keys ... and click on the Walking and Eye icons - these will give you more controls like flying swimming running etc

We will add you as friends as soon as we see you join - but one last thing you could try is changing your shape ..... Right click on Yourself and then click on Appearance then Edit Shape

You can edit every part of you .... big boobs, long legs, short arms, big nose, wonky eyes etc etc etc

You can make yourself childlike, teenlike, young adult, old person .... ladies can have a penis ..... when you are more experienced you could be a dragon, horse, dog ....... whatever floats your boat!!

Save your new shape and give it a name - then save your entire avatar again .... best to be safe.

Finally as an XUsGrid Group member you have access to many areas on the XUsYou Grid - you can sail to most but for starters the easiest way is to use the Map

Next to the Shirt Icon is a Map Icon - click on that

A search box will appear - type XUsYou in the empty box and press Find

A list of all available places you can visit will appear - click on one of them and press Teleport ... you will arrive in your new location

Dress code is Naked in all areas apart from certain places in Manzil Mansour (the Mosque especially please).


Any questions just find me (Debz Fox), Karen or Malik Mansour and Bethany Parks - we are here to help ....


Love Debz
















More to follow!!