XUsYou and XUsYou Grid

Welcome to XUsYou - the ultimate Adult's Only Social Network.

Not only will you have access to the most lively and up to date Adults Only Social Network but also (as a member of this website), access to the largest Adults Only 3D Avatar Chat system in the meteverse.

Restrictions on Content

We have very few rules and restrictions but we do remove (and ban the person who sent such content) the following :-

  • Depiction of Under Age Persons in sexual poses
  • Depiction of Rape, Forced Sex, Blood, Gore, Snuff (Death), Vomit and Scat (Poo).
  • "Naturist" content containing suspected Under Age persons where Adults are in sexual poses.


We expect all users to self monitor their content - however any post can be reported to the Moderators who have the ability to remove offending content (and the person who uploaded it if required)

Above all - Have Fun and Enjoy this 100% Free Place!